The pension auto-enrolment and workplace benefits communication platform


Expert Chat employers don't have to be pension experts!

The pension auto-enrolment and workplace benefits communication platform.


Expert Chat employers don't have to be pension experts!

Jargonfree Benefits

The modular, cloud-based system for managing and communicating auto-enrolment and workplace benefits.

Jargonfree Benefits™ is the first online auto-enrolment and benefits platform to incorporate a range of affordable workplace benefits and employee support modules and features our unique Expert Chat system where employees' real questions on auto-enrolment are answered by real people in real time.

Jargonfree Benefits
Jargonfree Benefits works with other systems

System Overview

  • Our Jargonfree Benefits™ system is agnostic – it works with multiple pension schemes and payroll systems.
  • Jargonfree Benefits™ can also work with multiple payroll sources so it can handle PAYE and non-PAYE workers – something no payroll-based automatic enrolment solution does.
  • Each Jargonfree Benefits™ system comes pre-configured with a range of low-cost, packaged workplace benefits that can be activated at any time.
  • Our wide range of money-saving discounts and offers are available as standard on every portal at no cost to the employer or employee.

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Practice-wide AE Administration System

  • Our unique Practice-Wide System enables an accountancy or adviser firm to efficiently manage auto-enrolment before and after a company's Staging Date for hundreds of companies at a time.
  • The Practice-Wide System ensures all end-clients are prepared in good time for the new duties that will apply to them from their Staging Dates.
  • The Practice-Wide System is truly practice-wide and manages exemptions and ongoing monitoring of exemptions for client firms with no workers.
  • After a client-firm's Staging Date the Practice-Wide System produces the detail needed to complete the all-important Declaration of Compliance via a client-firm's Government Gateway either for the client to use or for an accountancy firm to submit on their behalf.

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Practice-wide System
Expert Chat

Expert Chat

  • Our unique Expert Chat system means employees' real questions on auto-enrolment are answered in real time by real people.
  • Expert Chat means employers and their accountants need not become pension experts to handle employees' questions on auto-enrolment.

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Money Advice Service

  • In addition to Expert Chat and two-way secure communication, our Jargonfree Benefits™ portal includes Lifeskills, an inbuilt version of the Money Advice Service – another of its unique features.
  • Information on Universal Credit, Debt, Homes, Saving & Budgeting, Protection and Tools & Resources, accessed directly within the Jargonfree Benefits™ portal.

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Money Advice Service

Jargonfree Benefits

Jargonfree Benefits™ – the complete AE solution.




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